Entering Public Beta: “Kalay”

The latest version number is now 0.3. The changes made since the last version are actually not that big, but rather mark the step towards the first public release. Indeed, a demo version is now available where you can experience the platform from a user’s perspective.

life support: coffee in Kalay

No day without chili and coffee!

I like the habit of giving names to major software versions. For mycitizen.net, I found it most attractive to use the names of places. Although the platform tries to facilitate civic activities in a virtual space, they are still rooted in very local conditions, issues, and networks. It would certainly make sense to choose towns and other places that have some significance for this project, or that stand out in regards to civil society activities.

It soon became clear that the first version would be called Kalay (or Kalay Myo, literally “Kalay Town”). This town in western Myanmar/Burma played a key role during closed beta testing as a base for travels to other places, and the support and warm welcome by the people there has been a terrific reward for the months of work.

Khampat - north of Kalay

Presentation in Khampat – north of Kalay

While 0.1 was the “pre-birth” version and 0.2 the internal prototype, Kalay now marks the first public release. It probably make ssense to abide by the system of semantic versioning (major.minor.patch) where Kalay refers to the releases starting with a zero 1.

I will take this opportunity to mention that this version does not yet include an installation routine, although it can be considered a fully functional unit to run on a web server. Also, the twin part of the dual system, the mobile app, will still need some weeks to mature.

  1. A zero marks the initial pre-production release
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