Version 0.9: Ajax and Side Bar Chat

The latest version comes with two major novelties:

  1. The first feature is something you know from most other websites, and we have already employed this technology in the chats: Most pages – and particularly where you browse through lists or click to detail views – are now reloaded only in their central parts while the unchanged components are not fetched unless needed.1
    This “partial reloading into the existing page” tremendously speeds up the browsing speed since data amounts and the number of requests to the server are drastically reduced. If something gets stuck, you can of course still reload the page in the browser. You are also able to share the URL as direct link to a page.
    This feature might need some further testing under various conditions, and particularly an unsteady connection might lead to lost page transitions. Nevertheless, we are confident that it deserves to be released in this beta version due to its importance, and of course only after much in-house testing.
  2. This new feature enables us to deliver a second feature, namely to attach a chat window to the steady part.2 Users can therefore browse the pages while keeping the chat open.
    The chat (precisely private messages) on is fully WYSIWYG-enabled and it is therefore not easy to squeeze it to slimmer dimensions. We decided in favour of a solution that lets the user switch between the full width and a very reduced sidebar that regularly polls the server for changes.

If you need more details, move on to the changelog.


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Version 0.5: Improved Chat

This version greatly improves private messaging: You can receive and send now messages without having to reload the entire page. The change affects the general message page and the chat on the user detail pages.

The comments on resources remain unchanged since they are not supposed to be used for chatting with a high frequency of messages.

screenshot-private-messagesAlso, many bugs have been eliminated in this version.

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