Updates from the Smartphone App

It has been long time silent around the app – mainly due to the fact that the production was entirely outsourced and our in-house contribution restricted to necessary adjustments to the API. In mid-October, however, we received the final base package and the code from the developer so that we can now pick up from here and go ahead with the work. This concerns mainly the layout, but also some bugs and features.

Particularly the languages are still causing headaches: The Burmese language is officially supported only since Android 5.0 and in earlier versions the font doesn’t render properly on buttons. Android also seems to have a problem with “commercially-not-so-important” languages by limiting their codes to two letters.

While we are working on a solution, we present you some screenshots from the current development version:

If you would like to help us testing, you are very welcome to get involved!

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Version 0.4: Uploads, Events, and a Home Screen

The amount of changes since the last version has inevitably led me to the conclusion that it is time again for a new release. Let’s call it 0.4.

Most visible is the much improved home page – the result of a day that I spent away from the keyboard and reviewing what this platform actually serves for and how civil society actors may want to use it. If found that going via the filter is too complicated to get useful recommendations for new connections, and that a central calendar was missing where you can see all events at one place. Also, events can now be all-day and have an end time.

The home page calendar can display for all users dynamically imported calendars from Google. You can use it for events of general interest or for public holidays, or you can do crazy things like displaying for each day the weather forecast.

Users can now upload images (jpg, gif and png) to their own folder on the server and re-access this folder through a file browser. Images are visible to everyone who has the particular link to that image, so that they can be used in any content or messages.

The layout of edit screens is now much more consistent, clearly arranged and independent from the size of the elements.

Testers in Myanmar (Burma) have repeatedly reported that they have missed pop-up notifications that disappear after some seconds. This was due to the long time they had to wait for the page to appear, compared to which 5 seconds for the message are very short. This problem is hopefully now mitigated by custom settings for the duration.

Lastly, the software now contains a first version of an installer/updater. Tests have revealed some problems on installations in sub-folders, which I have hopefully managed to eliminate. Many further tests, however, are definitely necessary on a big variety of systems.

See what has changed, put your hands right on the files or test the latest version.

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Development Update: Version 0.2

This weekend, the version 0.2 has been finalized. The main objective of this milestone is to facilitate testing with people from Burmese grassroots groups, and I am therefore particularly glad that we have reached that goal as scheduled.

Mycitizen.net includes now translations to Burmese (Myanmar) and the option to display web access statistics directly on the back end.

The development of the mobile application is still ongoing. For the meetings with the grassroots groups we will have already an “alpha” version with most of the features working.

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