Design of the Mobile App


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While we continue working on the web software, preparing the next release, we focus our main efforts on the mobile application. It is still a long way to go but you can already get an idea of the direction.  

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Development Update: Screenshots of Resources

mcn-screenshot-2 The latest addition to the list of features are thumbnails for those resources that are located on external websites. If a resource is a video, we will display the thumbnail that is provided by the video service. In all other cases, a screenshot will be created (currently experimenting with GrabzIt that seems to do a great job).

mcn-screenshot-1We will display thumbnails above the buttons for outgoing links so that users can get an idea of the website already before they get there. They will also show up on lists in tooltips (the balloons that appear when you hold the mouse pointer over an item).

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Screen Shots

The following screen shots show the general structure and design. Several icons and other elements still need to be completed.

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Design, Mobile App and Video

mobile-jane-doe-locationSince spring we are working on three parts of the project:

  1. the mobile app of
  2. the design of the user interface of the web-based part
  3. a video that will explain the purpose of

While the first two tasks are being outsourced as regular parts of the project, the video will be provided by a volunteer.

We will keep you updated.

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