Smartphone App: Version 0.2

screenshot mobile: list of usersWith some delay but still in time before the presentation in Myanmar (Burma), we are able to announce the version 0.2. Although it is in beta and many features on our wish list are still pending, the app provides now all basic functions and even exceeds in some points the initial plans.

The app is not yet available as public download but if you like to check it out we ask you to contact us.

Our testers can find the changes on the changelog.


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at TechCampI’ve just returned from TechCamp Yangon that has been organized by the organization¬†MIDO. The event was very successful and a great opportunity to meet people and present¬† together with the current version of the mobile app. The format of TechCamp is slightly different than other “camps” – starting with a very brief introduction and then offering trainings in groups. Later, local civil society organizations came up with concrete requests for advice and assistance to overcome obstacles in their work.

Particularly the installation of on my tiny laptop that could be accessed via the local WiFi network attracted much attention since the speed was noticeably higher than what we were able to achieve via the Internet in Myanmar.

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