Updates from the Smartphone App

It has been long time silent around the app – mainly due to the fact that the production was entirely outsourced and our in-house contribution restricted to necessary adjustments to the API. In mid-October, however, we received the final base package and the code from the developer so that we can now pick up from here and go ahead with the work. This concerns mainly the layout, but also some bugs and features.

Particularly the languages are still causing headaches: The Burmese language is officially supported only since Android 5.0 and in earlier versions the font doesn’t render properly on buttons. Android also seems to have a problem with “commercially-not-so-important” languages by limiting their codes to two letters.

While we are working on a solution, we present you some screenshots from the current development version:

If you would like to help us testing, you are very welcome to get involved!

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