Version 0.6: Online Status and Recommendations

screenshot_Homepage_online_statusMost changes in this version are small but should noticeably improve the user experience:

  • You can see now who are the friends of your friends (unless, of course, they have chosen to remain invisible). This makes it easier to find new connections that matter without, however, having to sacrifice on privacy protection.
  • We have improved the ways how to find out what has recently happened: Users who are currently online are marked with a green dot, while others reveal the date when they last have been online. This information is only visible to users who are logged in.
  • Recommendations on the home screen are now compiled by considering your position in a growing radius. If even the larger radius doesn’t yield sufficient results, the position is entirely disregarded. This way, you will first receive items close to you, and only if there is nothing around – or if you have already added them to your connections – the search will be extended to other areas.
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